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3 easy steps to crop your mockup scene

Crop your final image before downloading it in highres

29 May 2018 by Tobias

The way you crop your images can mean the difference between the perfect shot and the, well... not so perfect shot. Especially if you know your golden rules – which I'm pretty sure you already do.

Cropping your mockup scene is easier than ever, with our build-in cropper. It allows you to crop your image in the browser before downloading – in any size you need.

Step 1:

Open your scene

Step 2:

Click on "Download scene" from the right-side menu and choose on "Crop scene" in the download popup.

Step 3:

The new cropper window will open. Choose between premade crop sizes or crop as you like.

Click on "Download scene" and now your download will start after a few seconds.

You can choose from any of these, or set your own size:

Etsy product image, Etsy shop banner, Etsy shop icon, Twitter cover,  Facebook cover, and more...

See the Etsy cropper guide here

Let me know if there is any format you think is missing.

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Tobias Waaentz

Art Director on


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