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Mockup Editor is now Hi-res optimised

5184 x 3456 px for all downloads!

31 August 2016 by Morten

Now you can download all your mockup scenes in 5184 x 3456 px. This will cover you retina screen, fit into your prints and basically just make your design stand our even more than before.

The original download size just didn't cut it if you wanted to to use your image for retina, print or zoom.

...but with this new HUGE size, you are free to use your beautiful mockup scenes in any format you desire.

The download size has gone up, but the price is still the same as before. Only $7 for a full month of unlimited downloads. Just download your image as your normally would, and select any size you want it in. -Be aware that highres is created on our servers, so it might take upto 2 minutes to render.

Morten Christensen

Developer on


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