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New Feature: Hide desk from your scenes

Ever wanted to hide the desk to make your mockup scene completely unique? - Now you can do just that!

05 May 2016 by Tobias

If you already use our mockup editor, then you know that we are all about customization. And we know that you are too. How do we know, you might ask? Well, because you told us. So thanks for that, because after creating this new feature, it's been so much more fun to play around with scenes in our online editor.

If you are like me, you want to get straight to the dessert! So I have created this pre-made scene for you to try out right now, which means you don't really have to read the rest of this blog post. Just click on this scene below, and it will open op in the editor.

How to

When you open a scene or start a new one, then just right-click on the desk, and you get the option to hide the desk:

As you can see, you still have the option to just hide the desk legs if you want to. 

This new feature allows you to gain complete control of your mockup. You can combine it with our new background features that allows you to upload your own background or to make it transparent. 

We did this when creating one of our latest scenes on Pinterest

If you ever change your mind and want the desk back to your scene, simply just right-click anywhere on the background, and select "Show desk".

Tobias Waaentz

Art Director on


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