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New Feature: Background options updated!

Sometimes a change of environment is a good thing. Especially when it comes to your product presentations . This new feature will enable you to make your scenes completely personalized!

05 May 2016 by Tobias

After you have worked hours on your product, be it a poster, a webdesign, app design or such, then you want to present it in the best way possible, right? I guess this is already the reason why you use our online mockup editor. But sometimes you might want just a bit more options to customize your scenes. We already have a large range of backgrounds you can use, but who am I to say that's good enough for your design. I'm not, and this is why we have created these new features.

Just right-click on the wall background inside the editor, and select "Change wall background". This will open the overview of all backgrounds, and as you can see, then we have added 2 new options. "Transparent" and "Upload image".

Make it transparent

The transparent option is simple to cover, so let's start with that. It just removes the background and let's you download your scene as an alpha transparent image. This can be very useful if you want to display your scene on your website, where it should blend in with the website's background. I'm sure you have your own ideas of how to use this, and if they are brilliant, then be sure to let me know too, right. It's amazing to see what our users manage to make our editor do sometimes.

Make it your own

The real gem here is the "Upload image" function. This can bring a whole new dimension into your mockup if you use it the right way. I wrapped this example up for my friend Carl who is a poster designer. It took me a few minutes. You can try it yourself here

So what this basically means, is that you can change the environment completely into what ever you like. You can even snap a picture of your own wall at home and use that. Just make sure to hide the desk.

Tobias Waaentz

Art Director on


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