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New poster frame creator! - Design your own poster frame!

Poster frames are such an important part of the way you display your poster design. If you agree, then you will love this new feature. If not, then I’m sure you don’t see as many poster sales as you like to, and then maybe its a good idea to keep reading as well.

23 May 2016 by Tobias

Presenting your poster is not always easy. You’ve just put tons of work, time and energy into your poster design, so at least, your final product image should represent some of all that effort. Going with the first mockup psd you find, might be the reason why your poster don’t sell.

Your presentation can make or break your revenue.

So let’s focus on the first thing you need to consider. Your frame type. Do you even need a frame, and if so, then what should this frame express? Using a big bulky frame could be perfect for one design, and at the same time, completely ruin another.

This is why we have introduced our new Mockup Frame Creator. It’s included in your MockupEditor subscription, and if you do not have a subscription, then you can always try it free with watermark on top first.

Getting started

Open the Mockup Editor, just like you use to when creating a mockup scene for your posters. Then, in the Frame menu in the bottom, you will find a new button called “Custom frame”. Click on this to open the frame-style settings popup.

Here you can design your frame to match your requirements. When you are done, click on the “Next” button to use this frame in your scene.

But first, let me cover the options you have here.

Frame size

In the screenshot above, the frame size would be how thick the wooden part is. In this example the frame is 4.76 cm. You can change the size by dragging the slider underneath it right or left. If you want a frameless poster, then slide it all the way to the left side. This will create a 0 cm frame. Go bulky or go light. It all depends on the poster design you want to display.

Passepartout size

This is the whitespace between the outer frame and the actual canvas. Passepartout is often used to give your design some “air to breath”. Drag the slider left or right to adjust the size of it.

Inner shadow alpha

On all poster frames there is a small shadow on right side of the left frame. It goes on top of the passepartout and the canvas. If you want to fade it down or remove it, then drag the slider under “Inner shadow alpha”. This will give a more flat expression, so if that’s what you want, then this is the slider you want to drag.

Outer shadow alpha

In any realistic environments, everything that is not a lightsource, drops a shadow. This slider is where you adjust the shadow of the whole frame. Drag the it right and left to fade the shadow up or down. Normally you would only remove this shadow if you also removes the frame as well. It will give a completely flat expression, as if the poster is just a piece of paper, hanging flat on the wall.

Creating your frame

When you are done styling your new frame, click on the “Next” button and then enter the size of your frame. The frame is generated as “Outer”, so the frame and passepartout will be added around the canvas area.


- thats how easy you can create frames to match your poster design right now.

Final thoughts

The reason why we created this feature, is because so many of our amazing users have asked us to. We know how much time and effort you put into your designs, so being able to help you getting more sales on your Etsy shop, webshop, etc. really means a lot to us.

So as always, let us know if you have any ideas for new frame types, features or the likes. We would never have been able to create Mockup Editor in the first place if it wasn’t for all our users and your inputs.

Here is a quick scene I made in less than a minute. Click on it to edit it.


Tobias Waaentz

Art Director on


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