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Hi! Great to see you here. I guess you already know all about the Mockup Scene Creator PSD file I released last year. And you might be wondering what I have been up to ever since. Yes true, a few updates have been released and the file have been updated with a lot of new items. This is both good and bad actually. Why? Well, let me tell you...

15 September 2015 by Tobias

Last year when I created the PSD file, I had no idea how many people would actually use it. I thought the idea of this Scene Creator was good, and I hoped that a few hundred people would be able to use it. Apparently my guesswork was off by the thousands.. Not that I mind being wrong on that, but this came with a few complications. 

If you already use the PSD file, then I am sure you have noticed how many items it contains. I'm also sure you have wished there was some kind of magic you could use to get an overview of all items in the file. And I am pretty sure you have sworn and cursed and used language that would have been banned from the most movies due to age restriction, when you moved the items around. Moving items around by dragging the layers around can be such a mess. I don't have any count of how many times I have accidentally dragged an item folder into another, when trying to move the items around on the desk.

Luckily enough, this have not ruined your creativity, since we all know this is just the way Photoshop works. Photoshop uses layers, and normally we love that, right! But when you have to move that lamp in front of one of the many other items, it can be a mess to work with layers. - But I have a solution for you if you stick around a bit more (or if you scroll down and watch the video).

Poster frames in any size you need

I don't know about you, but I can never seem to find any mockups in the exact size that I need. And when I finally do, then I have to weigh the quality of the mockup with the hours I know it will take me to find a better one. I know I'm not alone in this, because I read my comments, and I've gotten a lot of those about poster frame sizes. Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem.

The solution was of course a Photoshop Script which allows you to create any poster frame in any size you like. (You can download it free here: if you should need it)

But this only works in Photoshop CC, which means that there was still a lot of great designers left in the dark here. We don't want that, so there is a solution for that as well. But before I keep bla blah'ing about this, you should see it for your self in the video below. 

This is basically an online version of my Mockup Scene Creator PSD file. Only, it's a lot smarter than the Photoshop version. I'm not saying it's smarter than Photoshop itself, but for working with mockup scenes, it is! - or that's at least my claim.

No more messy layers

Moving layers around to re-position the items is history now. The online editor is smart and it knows how much you hate doing that. So it does it all for you. You simply just move the items up and down to reposition them, and then the editor figures out which one should be on top. I made this example you can try here. (just try to drag the lamp down to put it in front of the cup)

Poster frames in any size you desire

In this new editor, you don't have to worry about poster frame sizes anymore. The editor does that for you too. Just select any of the many poster frame styles, and then enter the size your poster need to be displayed in.

Select poster frame style

and then enter the size

...then, just like magic, the editor creates your poster frame, and puts it neatly down on the table for you.


No more Photoshop scripts to install and run in order to get the right poster frame size. 

The bigger picture

This is just a few of the features that we have put into this editor. There is a lot more, and we have a lot more planned too. You will also find some extra items in here that is not in the PSD file yet. Why, you might ask. Well for the Photoshop file, an update usually takes a full day to prepare, and I normally only add items when I have a full item pack ready. In this editor I can add items and make them available for you to use within minutes - much more fun for everyone.

How was it made?

Even though we just released, many have asked me how I was able to make this kind of editor. It's a mix of Javascript, EaselJS (canvas), loads of images, time and team effort. I teamed up with Morten Christensen, who is the brain behind the editor's backend, server and core structure. Morten is the kind of tech-guy you should know if you are working with design. And I'm quite sure you do, otherwise this blog post have been a waste of your time. 

He is one of those few programmers out there, who can take your design and make it into code, without messing it all up. He has a strong sense of design, with a solid background in backend programming. 

Why not give it a try 

We made it free to try the editor. And I have already gone ahead and made a scene for you down below. Just click on it to open it up directly in the editor. 

I hope you will enjoy this, and most of all, get a lot of beautiful scenes out of it, that will help your business grow even bigger.

Tobias Waaentz

Art Director on


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